Friday, May 24, 2013

A True Friend

A friend is like a golden ray of sunshine, peeking through the dark night.
A light in the darkness of life.
Someone who shares your joys and sorrows, and lifts you to higher ground daily.
A hug from them, or a kind word or deed; can lift your heart from despair to pure happiness.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder with true friends.
Even if you have not seen each other in years, warm thoughts and sweet words are exchanged; friendship shines like a roaring flame.

I have heard it once said that; " Friends are a single soul dwelling in two bodies."

While I know we have distinct and separate souls, I like to think that it means that we are one in unity and purpose. Dear friends often have similar values and goals in this journey we call life. The joy of human love and friendship is you can have relationships and true friendship, with someone as different from you; as night is from day.
Mutual respect, kindness and an understanding towards dynamic values among friends gives us eternal perspective.

God knew we could not sojourn on this earth alone, so he gave us the opportunity to build eternal relationships that last forever. I believe that friendships are some of those golden opportunities.

Chelsea Merkley

May 24, 2013

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