Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is the sea?

The sea beckons me,
inside it's mystery I’ll be,
                               interwoven in ecstasy.
           Her waves break on the shore.
Crashing pain, throbbing in my core.
           Yet, boisterous waves create peace as well.
So complex this joy and sorrow — I cannot tell.
            The charm in her mist bewitches me.
  Like a depth of wide serenity.
           Solitude seems perfectly content.
She fools me with her disguise.
Life emerges from the ocean’s eyes.
            I let tranquility within arise!
She engulfs me with her luring sighs.
            I become one with her magnificent  tides.
-April 2011
By Chelsea Merkley

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of The World

Hot to cold; young to old;
Scared of the fork in the road.
Danger lurks outside it seems-
And in my deepest, darkest dreams.
Little rest, causes much fear.
As I write- I wipe a tear.
Is this the end? Or the beginning?
When will my head stop spinning?
Will mankind stop winning?
Tomorrow is a dawn of a new day!
But, if it's not we'll be okay!

May 21,2011  Chelsea Merkley

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heavenly Home

Water falls from the sky for days at a time.
Is Heaven mourning?
Mankind must be in vile disarray for so heavy a time of sorrow.
We must turn around our ways before the judgement of tomorrow.
Conniving friends rival at the possibility of being wrong.
War rages abroad and within our borders.
Chaos overwhelms the peace within.
Where can I find such solace?
Is it in Babylon any longer?
I trust my soul to the only one who knows my deepest, darkest secrets.
He protects me from the drudgery of the endless night-leads me into the dawn.
Faith, hope and trust- I follow a narrow road.
Too many forks and turns diverge on my path;
How do I know which to choose?
The Light of Christ inside my heart and mind.
Indicates where home can be found.

I rejoice at the hope of a new day.
Where Angel's lead me on my way.
To the great and dreadful day-
My Heavenly return to Celestial Glory.

Chelsea Merkley

May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blessing From Above

Rain descends from above; I truly need a hug.
Tic Toc, Drip, Drop.
Sounds of water falling on my window pane, makes my efforts to sleep vain.
One request to my beloved, and he helps my fears and distractions disappear. 
Certainly then, I can see clear. 
A blessing from the power of God soothes my mind and heart. 
The joy and happiness are about to start. 
Sweet clarity and peace fill my soul as I slumber with the feeling of safety.

-May 17,2011
By Chelsea Merkley 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Part Poem Part Faith; Story of my Life

Once their was a little girl, not too long ago.
She loved to sing, and dance for fun and smile wherever she did go.
She was always joyous and carefree;
What zest for a little child- she did possess you see!
She loved life and everyone in it and wanted to spread her joy to all.
Spinning and frolicing all around, not worried about who might watch her going around and around.
She thought of the positive and happy things she could do, not the ones which made her feel blue.
Well, somewhere in her childhood years she lost part of the spark of  past youthful cheer.
She tried her hand at many a craft, but gave up to easy- since her guardian implied- she was daft.
The Guardian called her, "The Quitter", to which she became quite defensive and bitter.
She began to think, "I wonder what they think of me?"And "Will this make make them happy?"
Instead of, " How great this get together will be!"
The dark cloud of misery descended unhesitantly.
Self-Pity and doubt shrouded her thoughts.
The truths in her faith and religion were fading in what the Guardian now taught.
Confusion ran through her mind, as clashing ideals and self image intertwined.
She thought, "Who am I?" and do I really matter?
As the girl inside the woman pondered that, she heard her conscience utter;
"I am a daughter of God who loves me and I love him, I will stand as a witness of God in all things,at all times and in all places." Standing for a witness starts with me. I am capable of marvelous talents and wonderful skills. All I need is faith, hard work and perserverance to overcome any obstacle. I can beat any negative thought with optimism and idealism. Fantasies and dreams for my future, can and do become realities. Love for all mankind is critical to forgiving myself and others close to me. As I learn to see the world through Heavenly Father's Eyes I can be more like him and divinely see the light in every person's countenance more clearly; including my own.

Chelsea Merkley
May 16, 2011