Sunday, March 27, 2011

To Garrett

My cousin in law just passed away from injuries
He got involved in an avalanche yesterday.
He died this morning. As my heart prays and hopes for a
happier future for his wife Molly, and his family- I grieve too.

What is life? So pure and gentle.
Our spirit and body is our temple.
Do I live each day to the fullest?
And realized how I am truly blessed?
Do I share my love, hopes and dreams-
With those I admire?
Knowing at anytime God could take them higher.
Life is so short here on earth- am I all I should be?
Can I see through the eyes of an Angels Decree?
Life is not all, for tomorrow may be-
A Divine Glory of eternity.Chelsea Merkley 4/28/11

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Divine Destiny & Little Child

Divine Destiny 

           What are they to me?
                        Feelings of clarity?
           Poignant thoughts of release?
                     An escape--from the murky filth of this world.
                A kind encouraging voice, urging me to perservere.
                    Never give up on your dreams. 
                                Life and love can coincide,
                                         When we know why we decide.
                                                                                            -June 29, 2010
                                                                                             By Chelsea Merkley
Little Child

Oh little child full of precious love,
                 You are from our God above.
Why are you so content to sit in God's house-
                 Of unconditional love?
Is that a little star you see?
       Or are you pointing at the Holy Ghost's company?
O’ little child full of precious love--you are a Daughter of thy God above.
       You have a divine potential to be all you can be,
If you do your best your reward will last for eternity!

                                                                                  -June 3, 2010
                                                                                By Chelsea Merkley

Friday, March 25, 2011

What is the Sea?

What is the sea?
The sea beckons me,
Inside it’s a mystery I’ll be,
Interwoven in ecstasy.
Her waves break on the shore.
Crashing pain in my core.
Yet, boisterous waves create peace as well.
So complex this joy and sorrow- I cannot tell.
The charm in her mist bewitches me.
Like a depth of wide serenity.
Solitude seems perfectly content.
She fools me with her disguise.
Life emerges from the ocean’s eyes.
I let tranquility within me arise!

By Chelsea Merkley 
March 24, 2011



Dreams visit me wholeheartedly.
                          Sleep eludes me constantly.
As I lay awake my mind wanders,
                My body is weak--
Though my soul, ponders.
               Wide-eyed stories, of a life I might have led.
Told perfectly in the book I have just read.
                    Silver whispers from a friend long gone.
Quiet my fears with heaven’s angel song.

           Possibilities of  a life within me,
Give me happiness where there was pity.
           Worries and pains thrive,
Yet in my spirit they will not survive.
           My heart sees freedom and cheer,
And finally begins to see clear.
-March 24, 2011

             By Chelsea Merkley