Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Expression Of Love

This story is an expression of how I feel towards my son Christopher. It explains the wonder and majesty of being a mother and a parent. I gave this Poem to my sister in law right before having their first child, a baby girl. She is due April 21, 2009

A Lifetime of Memories

The first time you look at your daughter she’ll probably be red and look kind of like an alien to you. With the umbilical cord still attached to her and maybe not quite crying yet.
Then when the Nurse cleans her up, and sucks the amniotic fluid from her mouth; you first hear her cry. You never thought baby’s tears could bring you so much joy. When the doctor weighs her; you have your husband take a picture of how much she weighs, you know time flies. You want to make sure she’s alright, have your husband count her fingers and toes. You want to cherish this moment forever.
When finally, you hold her; you get a glimpse of what God’s grace really is. She is forever a part of you; she has a special angelic aura about her.  The first time you hold her you may wonder if this is how good heavenly father felt when he sent you to earth. No one else is quite like her; she is truly gifted and unique. You never thought that being a mother would change how you felt about life in an instant, but it has. Now you will forever have these maternal instincts for the safety, love and comfort of your daughter. You think what a masterpiece she is. God is the best artist and has perfected the beauty of designing children in his own image. You wonder who she looks more like, you or your husband. Time will tell. The first time you hold her you won’t want to let go. You think to yourself how could we have created such a perfect little girl? Then you know how truly blessed you are.
The first time she gets a bath she can fit in a small sink, and her Daddy gets to perform the task. He never thought it would feel quite so spiritual. When she fits in your kitchen sink to take her first few baths protecting her umbilical cord; you love the time you get to spend with her. When she has to move to a baby bath tub you can’t believe how big she is getting!
The first time she really smiles at you, you wonder if she’s seeing angels or just happy to see you. When she looks off into the distance beyond the veil you can’t help but imagine the glories she’s beholding. She is so new, you think, she smells like heaven.  The first time she sleeps through the night, you probably didn’t because you kept checking on her to make sure she was okay. You are amazed and so proud of her. Eventually you will learn that she can breathe on her own and it’s okay to sleep too.
The first time she coos you wonder what she’s thinking and trying to say. The first time she puts her feet in her mouth you think how flexible she is and wonder if she will be a great gymnast like her mama.
The first time she rolls over you know your hands are going to be full very soon with an explorative curious baby. You constantly worry about her hurting herself when she finds something to play with.
The first time she looks at you when she’s being mischievous and doing something she’s not supposed to, you wish you had the camera to catch that adorable moment. Yet, she still seems to be looking for your approval and love even when she’s being a trouble maker.
The first time she can roll over 5 feet switching directions and grasping toys you know she’s growing up so fast. Catch those fleeting moments and cherish them.
The first baby babble she says makes you laugh, you talk to her and sing to her and she talks back now, you are so privileged to watch her develop.
When you realize how big her head is compared to her body you wonder how big of a brain she has and hope that there is room for growth in it. You think wow with that noggin you must have a lot of intelligence!
The first time she laughs and smiles with her eyes at you because you did something extremely silly; you are so glad that she’s the only one who can laugh at you even if you’re not really funny. She thinks you are as amusing as you think she is.
The first time you realize your face is a toy to be tampered and prodded at, makes you smile.
When she puts her tiny hand to your hand and seems to be thinking, hey I have one of those too; she captures you with those inquisitive eyes. She is exploring the similarities you share. 
Being a parent is the most rewarding and challenging task God ever gave us. I believe he needed a way for us to learn more about him and ourselves through these little bundles of joy. 

By Chelsea Merkley  March 4, 2009
A life without children will never have the same laughter and noise in it. Anonymous

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