Monday, October 6, 2014

Notes from LDS General Conference

Just as a preface for the Reader's Information, some of these writings are direct quotes from LDS General Conference. Some of them are not. Many of my thoughts and feelings are also intertwined with what was said by Our Church Leaders. While there may be some lines and pages which were written as what was said in Conference, I cannot guarantee, that the quotes are all the same as what was spoken; or not mixed with my thoughts, impressions, or feelings on the subjects being spoken about. Keep in mind that my written feelings may be different, and in a completely different context with what was spoken about this last weekend. That being said, I hope that my notes help you and I to ponder about what we were taught recently.

President Monson

In the Spirit world we decided to come to mortality, the primary purposes to obtain a body of flesh and bones, to see if we would keep the commandments. And we will prove them herewith to see if they will do all things the lord shall command them.

We brought with us our agency from Heaven. We are privileged to choose for ourselves. We differentiate good and evil learn that decisions determine destiny.
God sent us here with direction and guidance and the tools we need, as we seek his help and strive to do all we can to gain eternal life. We have the words of God to help guide us. We have the counsel and teachings of God Prophets. The example of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come follow me, works which ye hath seen me do, that shall ye be also. Jesus marked the way and the path. We look to Jesus as our Savior and Exemplar. As we follow in his footsteps we can gain entrance to heaven to live with him forever.

Walking  where Jesus walked is less important than walking AS Jesus walked.  All of us can walk the path he walked with his words ringing in our ears, his spirit filling our hearts and his teachings guiding our path. I am the way the truth and the Life. 

The path Jesus walked took him through paths of disappointment, his lament over Jerusalem. The children of Israel had rejected the wing of his guidance. He feels deep sorrow and anguish. 

Jesus walked the path of temptation from Lucifer, the devil. The devil tempted him fasted 40 days and 40 nights, he resisted each temptation. Get thee hence Satan.

Jesus walked the path of pain. None could forget his suffering on the cruel cross and the Garden of Gethsemane.

The Devil should tempt the children of men, or they could not be agents unto themselves. We learn in mortality great pain and suffering and sorrow, but we can also find great happiness.

We with Jesus can walk the path of obedience. To obey is better than to sacrifice.

It will not always be easy.
Jesus brought strength to the crippled. Sight to the blind.

His prayer in Gethsemane; not my will but thine be done. Read and Study the Holy Scriptures; be merciful, humble, prayerful, and righteous in heart. God asks us to let our lights shine so that others may desire to know our father in heaven.

 Christ teaches us to be morally clean in both our thoughts and our actions. His parables teach with power and authority. Teaches us to love our neighbors. Go to the rescue of those who have left the path and lost the way. Strive to follow Christ by following his teachings and walk the path he walked. Do his work as his disciples, no other choice we can make, can make us what he can.

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L Tom Perry

Life has good & bad
Gospel sure foundation
Knowledge of the lord's eternal plan
We follow the Savior

Come unto me and i will give you rest
My peace i give unto you
You shall receive power
You shall rejoice

Look to Jesus and live and find lasting peace
We fix our eyes on Christ truly and currently is the Savior and Redeemer of the world

Wheat & Tares
Where did the tares come from? An enemy
The Tares and Wheat Grow together
Gather the tares and burn them
Then reap the wheat

Tares Wicked and worldly ways
Through the air, the devices for education
The tares will have no appeal to the eye of the ear
Enter in by the way and receive the holy ghost it will tell you all things that we should do.

Disintegration of the family bring only sorrow and sadness
Deterioration of family values
Prophets have forewarned
Our homes must be holy places
Greatest blessings come to righteous families and parents
Most powerful teaching come from righteous fathers and mothers

The influence she has on her children
We cannot begin to measure of a woman who builds stable family life for generations of the future. Do all they can to strengthen the home.

Fathers- Give blessings
Build Family Traditions &
Teach children gospel principles
The value of work
Set examples of work
Fathers is their most sacred calling

Which is more important?
Prayers or fruit

Spirit of Sacrifice
Ever Stronger Reliance on the teachings of the Lord and Savior

We need righteous parents
Gospel of Jesus Christ is a sure foundation building eternal family units

Richard G Scott
1. Prayer
Make time every day to share your thoughts and feelings with him
Father in heaven will never force you to pray
Your heart will begin to feel peace when you pray fervently

Parents Safeguard your children by arming them morning and night with family prayer 
Family prayer should be a non negotiable part of every day life

2. Study the scriptures daily with your children
Choose to take time to read your scriptures
You need to study in the scriptures with your family

3. Weekly Family Home Evening
One night a week
As a Family
The time invested the Gospel should be taught formally & informally in a safe environment to strengthen family bonds- to talk to each other to strengthen your relationships.
4. Go to the Temple
No more peaceful place in this earth than in the Lord's Temple
Don't let anyone or anything prevent you from being there
Pray and listen to the spirit there
Providing your own family names in the temple

Peace comes from his atoning sacrifice

Sister Carol FMcConkie

Prophets are messengers of Christ
Authorize the performance of saving ordinances
Our prophet reveals the word of the lord 
The lord commands us; His word shalt thou receive as it is from the Lord's Mouth.

Church Leaders;
Speak & Prophecy of the Word of the Lord
The Lord has spoken whether by my own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same. God reveals his work through his servants.

When we choose to live on the covenant path we are happier. 

Russell M Nelson

Sustain A Prophet

It is an important duty to do so not only, by the lifting of the hand but in deed and in truth.

Elder Kimball was operated on by Elder Nelson
By God's Will ( not only the Doctors hands) were able to heal and protect President Kimball who only a few months after the surgery became President of the Church.
The restoration shattered the age old myth that God has stopped talking to his children.

Sustaining Prophets and other leaders 
Invoke the law of common consent that the someone has the correct authority
Gives us confidence and faith

All leaders in the Lord's Church are called by the Proper Authority
No prophet has ever been elected
No prophet has ever chosen himself

Man's ways remove people from office when they are old or get sick. God's ways are not, and will never be man's ways.

We will do our utmost to do what they ( our Prophet and prophets, seers and revelators) say and teach.

The obligation that we make when we raise our hands is a most sacred one, it means that we will stand behind him, we will pray for him and defend his name and strive to carry out his instructions. 

Sustaining the Prophet & prophets, seers and revalators. Decisions of these leaders must be unanimous. These 15 men know what the will of the Lord is when unanimity is reached. Thy will be done on earth as it in heaven. 

The church has been organized by the Lord himself. He has put in place redundancy and back up. Counter balances & safe guards abound so that no one man can ever lead the church astray. 

Jeffrey R. Holland

Jesus was homeless
For much of his adult life
The Physical effects of Homelessness we see clearly
The Spiritual and emotional damage of homelessness do untold damage

Jehovah would judge the house harshly
The spoil of the needy is in your faces
Look to the poor and needy that they shall not suffer

Her work was about love not statistics
Serving those within her reach
Cease withholding our means because we think they have caused their own homelessness

We all cry to God who compassionately responds to us
We should compassionately impart of our substance to those who stand in need. We are to do what we can when others are in need.

My reverence for thrift, self reliance and is as strong as any man's. God will help you in compassionate discipleship. Constantly look for ways to keep commandments.

We should pray for those in need.


Live the Law of the Fast
Fast for healing

Henry B Eyering

My hope is that we may all feel love and light.
Blessings of personal revelation
Stake presidents & bishops praying to try to find and help lost sheep
Revalation from God
We need a Constantly renewed stream
Continuing Blessing of Communication with God

Joseph asked of God & was given an answer
Revelation from God could be continuous
Revelation continues in the Church
The Individual for himself
The Father for his Family

Nephi's family viewed Lehi's dream as mental confusion
Nephi- I will go and do the things which the Lord has commanded me. Nephi had been blessed with confirming revelation that his Father's revelation was true.

The Revelation of a Parent has a lasting effect of confirming revelation to the child.

She prays that her words will come for the blessing of her child, that her words will be God's words.

I hope that I Go and do as she hoped I would. His Mother has been in the spirit world for more than 4 years.

Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. The Holy Ghost will be your constant companion. The Gift of confirming revelation from the Holy Ghost. The holy ghost can touch a softened heart.