Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Primary Questions: Follow the Example of Jesus

April 11, 2017                

What does it mean to love your enemy?
It means that you need to learn to love everyone. Mommy and Daddy still struggle with this every day. Loving people who make us hurt, or make bad choices- is very challenging. That means that it is hard. Loving them does not mean that you like it when they hurt your feelings, or are mean to you. It also, does not mean that you accept the hurt or pain that is caused by them. You give the pain and hurt to Heavenly Father and Jesus in prayer. It means that you learn to forgive them, so you can be more like Jesus. You learn to pray for them and keep them in your thoughts- hope they are doing well. In the scriptures it says to pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you. Pray for them. Try to be kind to them. But, remember to keep yourself and your family safe. Jesus was hurt a lot physically and spiritually in his life. In one instance, he healed a man who was taking him away to be crucified, because, an Apostle had cut off his ear. Jesus got a little upset at the apostle and healed the soldier’s ear. Jesus is the perfect example of loving your neighbor. Your neighbor is everyone. Not just the people you live next door to. 

Tell me a story of when you followed in Jesus’s footsteps? I followed Jesus by choosing to be baptized and confirmed a member of LDS Church, just like you did, when you turned 8 years old. I had my sins washed away, just like you- so I could be all clean, fresh and new. And I became a witness of Jesus Christ. That means wherever I go, and whatever I do- I will be representing Jesus. I am one of his followers. Whether I am at work, school, home, vacation, play or at a friend’s house. Just like you, Christopher. You are a follower of Jesus, wherever you go. When we take the sacrament every week, we remember our promises we made to Jesus and the promises Jesus and God made for us. They promised that they would protect us, and guide us to holy places. When you were confirmed a member of the church-You were given the Holy Ghost to help guide your thoughts and your feelings. To help you know when a choice is good, and when a choice is wrong. If a choice is good it will feel warm, fuzzy and happy inside, and sometimes feel like a warm hug in your heart. If a choice is wrong, you may be confused and that’s how you know not to do it. Sometimes, you just know- when something is bad, and you choose not to do it. Like Jesus would want you to. That is called having the Light of Christ. 

 The Holy Spirit is our friend and whispers to us.  It tells us sometimes how to keep away from trouble. It tells us when we should visit a friend, or ask someone new to sit with us at lunch. The Holy Ghost helps guide me and Daddy, and even you. Even Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Grandparents make mistakes and do wrong things every now and then. We say our prayers and apologize to the people we hurt, or people who’s feelings we’ve hurt. And ask Heavenly Father to forgive us for making mistakes in our prayers. This is what you should do too, when you might make a wrong choice. Tell the people you’ve hurt sorry, and give back what you may have taken from them, and try hard to not do that again.

How can you follow the Example of Jesus at Home?
By listening to music that makes you feel happy, sacred and holy. Reading your scriptures, writing in your journal, praying to heavenly father in your heart whenever you need to, and praying at night to him before you go to bed. 

What has someone else done for you that helps you, to feel the Savior’s love?

When our Ward Family at Church has been praying for me and for Christopher to get better. When friends and family go to the temple and fast and pray to help my brother Howie, to respond well to his treatments. When my sister in law’s brother, in Hawaii prays and goes to the temple for Howie’s Chemotherapy treatments to go well. When the ward sisters brought me food after my surgery. When the sisters in the ward got me a soft blanket to help me sleep better.

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