Monday, November 10, 2014

Love That Lasts

I found a beautiful new book called; "Love That Lasts" By the Lundburg Couple- Joy and Gary.  I have really enjoyed it thus far.

Here is a list they cite in their book, about ways to reconnect with your spouse. They are mainly questions which can be gone over together, and answered by each party, without interruption or correction from the other. The goal is to spark deep, meaningful conversation that is peaceful and happy, and find new ways to have fun together. To contemplate on what about your spouse makes you content, and what things you are thankful for regarding past experiences you've had with your spouse.

I was also thinking that some fun Couple Games could be played with this list. Like putting the questions in a hat or a jar and picking one, and answering it about your spouse and vice versa.

1.Where did you first see each other?  How did you get introduced?

2.  When you first met what attracted you to your spouse?.

3.  What caused you to ask for the first date?

4. What feelings did you have when you first kissed?

5. What were the most endearing acts or words that made you realize that this relationship was intended to be a lasting one?

6. What Physical Features do you love most about your spouse?

7. Which of your spouse’s charachteristics brings you the greatest feeling of security or comfort?

8. What charachteristic has his or her  brought from their childhood family to your  home, for which you are grateful?

9.  What is at least one area of knowledge or expertise which has been improved by your association with your spouse?

10. When was a time, when you felt especially close to your spouse?

11. What were your most fun and memorable dates during courtship?

12. What activities would you enjoy doing now for a fun date?

13. If you could have a day alone together, how would you want to spend it?

14.What could you do to make your next Anniversary Celebration fun and memorable?

What Does Your Spouse Like?

1.     Food, Main Dish(es)?   
2.     Meal?    
3.     Dessert?
4.     Beverage?
5.     Candy?

Category: Movies

Favorite Type of Movies

Favorite Actor/Actress(es)


What Type of Music?

What Song is their Favorite?

What Singer or Band is their Favorite?

Category: Sports




Category: Relaxation








Listening to Music?


Favorite TV Show(s)

Favorite Category of Books

Favorite Books or Series

Favorite Writers or Authors

Hobbies and Interests

What does your spouse love to do?

Favorite Car?

Favorite Flower(s)?

Favorite Color(s)?

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