Friday, November 7, 2014


Well, October is over and it's coming up on November 8! I will admit, I am pretty good at posting family photos on certain social media outlets, but, I have been craving and yearning to write for quite a while now. My spouse works 30-40 hour weeks and I stay home with our child. My Spouse also goes to night school, one night a week- and I find that while he has our computer, I feel like i get withdrawals from writing and blogging. This has led me to think that there is quite a bit I could do from home while watching my child, teaching him, and helping him with school work and home work. I need to find a balance of family, work and play. And I hope to find it very soon. I've not always been a stay at home Mom. And, to those of you who know me, if you know Homemakers- we don't stay home all day every day. While my son was out of school for the past 2 weeks I took him on lots of outdoor Adventures, so we can learn while it is still warm enough to go outside, and still have fun.

My son in July 2014

I have been realizing lately, how much I love to learn. I am a Lifelong Learner. I enjoy school very much and plan to get a Master's someday, when it is more convenient for our family. I would like to become a Teacher both in Elementary and Middle Schools; and maybe someday Higher Education. I deeply enjoy Education.

I taught middle school last year as a Teacher's Aide. That is where I found out how challenging, and how rewarding Education can be. I was a Teacher's Aide at a Local Middle School where I helped a Special Education Teacher and her Students. These Students were all over the map both; cognitively and behaviorally. I loved working with them, and helping them learn, and letting them know how their safety is our priority in Education. I won't say that everything went smoothly, because no class ever does, but- there was so much I learned from every single experience and event that happened in that classroom. I used to work in Daycares years ago, and I can tell you from my experience as a Caregiver, who's worked in several Daycare Centers and worked in Schools- a place where Education and safety of the child is the Primary Focus is so much better for most children.

As a Mother, I can tell you that the kind of ratios you have with your children, a 1 on 1 learning environment or a 2 on 1 learning environment- are most likely, not going to happen in a Daycare Setting, and probably not in an Education Setting either. Homeschooling is a wonderful choice to be available for every family, it is not for every family though.

 My child is currently in a Public School System. I work with him at home to help him reinforce and retain what he is learning at school. We do Math Bingo, Spanish Bingo, Word Bingo, Sight Words, I let him choose books at the library he loves and he reads them to me. We also encourage him to read from the Holy Bible and other Holy Scriptures Daily. It helps a lot. He is now into SpongeBob Square Pants Books, and Fly Guy Books. He reads signs when we are driving in the car, and not just the road signs, but restaurant signs, advertisements, and anything he wants to read that he sees. I let him help me cook and he eats a little better when I let him help me make the meal, some of the time. 

In the mean time, I hope to find something that will help our Family and its financial needs, and not a selling make-up scam, or toys or hair accessories or books, or online writing for sites which don't pay. Chelsea

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