Monday, January 13, 2014

A Call for Work

For those who know me in person, or live in my neighborhood- on Thursdays-Saturdays I can help babysit your children or watch your pets for $8 an hour.

I was thinking today, how many families have been deeply affected by the state of the U.S. Economy?

We had no Medical Insurance from October to December, due to me only having Part-Time Employment- which is not eligible for company Medical Insurance. I applied for a position as a Subsitute for Thursdays and Fridays, but was told that May make me a Full-Time Employee and I can not work 2 Part-Time jobs because then I would need benefits. And it's against a company policy. And since I'm Part-Time they want to keep me in that position, I'm thankful I have a Regular Teacher's Aide Position, which is more than just occasional Substituting.
We recently got United Healthcare Medical and Dental Insurance from the School my husband attends. Now we can get our Immunizations and Vaccines! It was far to expensive for a semester of coverage in my opinion.
How many of you have tried to sign up for Health Insurance through the Governments website?
We did and it did not work all 10 times we tried to get coverage that way.

If you live near me, and need assistance or help please let me know. Chelsea

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