Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Sickly adventures of me lately

I believe I have caught a virus somehow, which in my line of work is not hard to do- working with Teachers and little children who come to Daycare sick.

On Monday, I had some pre-emptive symptoms; severe dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, severe migraine and a hard time focusing. I believe that it was partially due to the fact that I had only drank 8 oz. of water that whole day. The moment I told my Manager I was not feeling well, and I could not see straight, that my head was spinning- my statements were disregarded entirely and I was written up for directions I followed. Her directions were not clear, and the person decided to write me up for something that I believe I did right and was the manager's problem with miscommunication. So, here I am barely able to walk straight, I could hardly drive on my break- and I am seriously ill, my Supervisor and Manager do nothing about it. My request for assistance was completely disregarded, due to ratios of children to teachers, even though there were 3 other Teachers there who could have helped and come to my aid.

I drank lots of water yesterday, and still was somewhat dizzy, but was able to focus better. I thought I was better to be honest. I finished the whole day at work and went to a meeting with my husband at 7-8:30. We had a late dinner around 8:30 and nothing seemed to be a problem until about 11 pm when i just started throwing up out of nowhere it seemed like, an I threw up all night long and into the morning, oh yeah, and the other thing I don't like to say the word about- that was really bad all night long and in the morning
I have had hot and cold severe chills all day and severe body aches. It is 74 degrees in my house and I feel like it is 32 degrees. I was asleep from about 10 am to 3:30 pm and felt a bit better when I woke up.

The only thing is, I woke up with really bad sweats and was super hot, so I stripped and then in 15 minutes I had really bad cold chills, I tried freezing them out, not being under the covers- but it backfired and that got worse. Then I got under the covers and they got worse again. I had my hubbs help me get dressed in warm clothes and was still freezing. I am still a little cold now, but my body temperature is nearing homeostasis I think. I have had to drink 7 up and some Gatorade really slowly and eat some crackers. Have not thrown up since this morning. But still bad cold and hot sweats and chills. Please pray for my healing. Chelsea

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