Friday, May 10, 2013

Human Resources Fail- Assistant Directors and District Managers are not Human Resources People

After being attacked by various people today and treated very rudely and and unfairly, and not being apoligized to by 2 people who should have fixed and addressed safety issues, and violations of Standard Operating Procedures, and tried to help me feel better- I've realized that a position is more than just money. If you want to work somewhere where you are treated well- you somehow need to make sure management takes care of its Employees First. Because, the Employees are the reason the organization works- if we are not treated fairly or well, retention will not be good, and turn around fast. 

I was told I do not come to work by someone in charge, when I missed only 1 day this week because I was throwing up all night the night before, and I missed 3 days when I had a D&C Surgery. An organization run mostly by bossy women who are power trippy and rude is not always a good thing. I cried hard this afternoon.

I talked to a Human Resources person at the Corporate location and indicated the direness of the situation, and hopefully other people will not have to deal with the same problems I have with bad management and poor treatment. A Regional Corporate Person may call me soon to try to help, but as of now I am not working for them anymore, due to 2 people who did not want to help or solve a situation- and treat an employee right.

I feel bad for the women and men that are treated the way I have been lately and hope it never happens again.


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