Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heavenly Home

Water falls from the sky for days at a time.
Is Heaven mourning?
Mankind must be in vile disarray for so heavy a time of sorrow.
We must turn around our ways before the judgement of tomorrow.
Conniving friends rival at the possibility of being wrong.
War rages abroad and within our borders.
Chaos overwhelms the peace within.
Where can I find such solace?
Is it in Babylon any longer?
I trust my soul to the only one who knows my deepest, darkest secrets.
He protects me from the drudgery of the endless night-leads me into the dawn.
Faith, hope and trust- I follow a narrow road.
Too many forks and turns diverge on my path;
How do I know which to choose?
The Light of Christ inside my heart and mind.
Indicates where home can be found.

I rejoice at the hope of a new day.
Where Angel's lead me on my way.
To the great and dreadful day-
My Heavenly return to Celestial Glory.

Chelsea Merkley

May 19, 2011

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